A Double Date in 2018!

Next year, for the first time in the history of Heritage Open Days, the festival will take place across two weekends in September – the 6-9th and the 13-16th.  Each year, the number of events hosted across the country increases, and we felt it was time to give our organisers additional flexibility in terms of dates and capacity.

© Rahil Ahmad - Heritage Open Days at the Regency Town House, Brighton

The good news is that the additional dates don’t mean any extra work.  Organisers can continue to hold an event on just one morning, afternoon or day, and the registration process will remain unchanged.  But we hope the additional dates will encourage new sites to take part, and that some existing organisers will welcome the chance to give people a wider choice of when to visit.  The double weekend will enable exhibitions and displays to remain open for a longer period, although organisers can choose to open on any combination of days, across one or both weekends.

We’re thrilled that Heritage Open Days has grown to the degree that it can sustain two weekends of events, and we’re looking forward to 2018 being our most successful year ever.  We very much hope you’ll be part of it.