Heritage Open Days: 10-19 Sept. 2021 - what did you discover?!

Liskeard Unlocked, Cornwall

Rachel Brooks & Yvette Hayward from Liskeard Town Council have been unlocking doors to share their Cornish town's wonderful stories since 2017.

Why we take part

Pendean House's beautiful staircase was carved by the former Mayor it was built for. / ©YvetteHayward

We want to bring the stories of our town to a wider audience, and encourage people to enjoy coming into the town centre.

What we do for HODs

We co-ordinate the Liskeard Unlocked group of local organisations (Town Council, Museum, Stuart House, churches and other buildings), developing and publicising the activities.

The difference it makes

It has provided a focus for us to work together and develop new activities. We will shortly be working on a culture and heritage strategy for the town.

Our favourite moments

Rachel - Hearing that last year this was one of the first events newcomers to the town had attended, and it confirmed their choice to move here.

Yvette – Hearing stories from visitors of their own and family memories of the buildings. We heard a story about elephants being watered at the Pipewell when the circus came to town, and another of our buildings was a former children’s home of which people had fond memories. We are working on ways to capture these.

The Pipewell - a perfect watering hole for elephants! / ©MandyHancock

What surprised us

Uncovering stories from the past - like the woman who ran a printing business here in the mid-19th century.

Our top tip

Plan well ahead, involve lots of people, and make the most of the free resources and publicity.

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