24 Oct 2022
by Claire Vincent

 A glass box case displaying books inside. On top of it and to the site are woven beetles, a topic for conversation for curators.
On loan from another NT property specially for a pop up Conservation Station - "The knitted pests were a great resource, and we wish we could keep them!" (© Vicki Marsland)

Why we take part

It's a great opportunity to engage with a new audience, encourage membership, and introduce them to heritage and conservation.

What we do for HODs

2022 Event directory description: Take a step back to the Georgian era and discover the family home of General James Wolfe, victor of the Battle of Quebec. Explore life in the 1730s and then meet the specialists defending his house from bugs today!

Working in partnership

This year we worked with Westerham Society (a local history and heritage group) to develop a trail of Westerham in which Quebec House is a key property. Later in the planning we were approached by our regional team of conservators to host a ‘Conservation Station’ as an extra part of the event.

A red brick three story historic property surrounded by a garden.
Quebec House has taken part in the festival for years. (© National Trust Images / Nick Dougan)
Visitors didn’t seem to mind that pests had taken over the Parlour, enjoyed seeing ghoulish beetles under magnification and appreciated hearing tips on what they can do to help combat clothes moth.

Vicki Marsland (Conservator)

National Trust

An old black and white photo of a town centre. In a fenced off piece of grass stands a brass statue brandishing a sword.
A new trail took visitors around Westerham. (© National Trust in partnership with Westerham Society)

The difference it's made

  • An opportunity for a small property to shine, locally as well as through the spotlight our regional conservators gave the property.
  • Increased engagement with the local community particularly working with Westerham Society on the trail and through the removal of the barrier that the entrance fee presents.
  • We have extended the Westerham town trail as it was well received and has continued to be so; this has brought an added visitor offer to the property.
  • The concept of a Conservation Station was new to some of the team which opens up the potential for other events or properties at which we work. 

Ghazala's top tip!

(Ghazala Jabeen, Collection & House Officer, Quebec House)

Take the opportunity as you never know who might visit your property and what you might learn that is useful for your own property.

Two curators standing behind a table discussing the artefacts laid on the table to three visitors.
Meet the experts at a conservation station, exploring how houses and collections are cared for. (© Beth Walker)

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