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Lowestoft HODs

Paul King is chair of Lowestoft's Heritage Open Days Steering Group, which has built the town's offer from 1 to nearly 70 events in just 2 years!

Paul King - Chair / Lowestoft Heritage Open Days Steering Group, Lowestoft, Suffolk

Why I take part

To raise “heritage” awareness within my community and to help try to install a better sense of pride within my town and surrounding area. 

Lowestoft has MANY hidden gems. HODs allows visitors to explore them and see the town from a new perspective - like behind the clock!

What I do for HODs

Promote, publicise, help organise and coordinate the event in Lowestoft. Chair a local HODs Steering Group. Liaise with event organisers, local councils and other interested parties. Contact and encourage potential new participants to sign up! 

The difference it's made

A big difference - for several years our town hadn’t participated so my efforts and those of others have restored the festival and its spirit to Lowestoft. From zero to 17 buildings and events in our first year and now increasing. Word has spread and others are now getting involved. Together we are discovering the untapped potential in our town. New volunteers, events and interesting buildings are joining in every week. 

What's surprised me

The enthusiasm that exists amongst the community that was just waiting to be released. People are happy to give up their time and offer ideas and ways to become involved. They just needed a gentle push and someone to bring things together.

From the docks...

My favourite bit

... to the dispensary - Lowestoft has something for everyone!

To see the Heritage Open Days bunting and promotional material festooned around buildings in the town and know that my efforts have been worthwhile. To eavesdrop on visitors attending events and hear the wonderful comments and stories they tell about the various buildings and events taking part.

My top tip

Don’t give up and share what you are doing as it encourages others to participate.

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