06 Sep 2023
by Heritage Open Days

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Art and design

  • Concrete Canvas: Find out about the chuckles, challenges and controversies involved in creating a city-wide street art trail. (Chelmsford Civic Society, Essex)
  • The Art of Advertising: Discover 100 years of print advertising in Stockport with this exhibition and special presentation on artists across the decades. (The Richard Roberts Archive, Greater Manchester)
  • Out of the Blue: Explore the history of early photography with this exhibition and hands on activities. (Heritage Centre Bellingham, Northumberland)
  • Fish & Chippings: See some of the finest preserved fish ponds in the UK and explore monastic architecture with this fun tour. (St Benet's Abbey, Norfolk)

The Amazing Colour Makers House

Castle Fine Arts (Cumbria)

A very special shop showcasing thousands of years of tradition – see how pigments become paints, and get a sense of the stores where famous painters like Turner and Constable would have picked up their supplies. (© Mark Hilsden)


  • A Bridgerton Ball?: Ever wanted to dance at a Jane Austen style ball? Now’s your chance! Step up and have a go in Winchester’s stunning Great Hall. (Hampshire Regency Dancers, Hampshire)
  • Dress to Dance: Check out the colourful costumes and then watch or even join in with some medieval dancing at Hadleigh Guildhall. (Dance Historia, Suffolk)

The Way of Morris

Hankies at the ready? Let's dance! Discover the story of this traditional folk dance. Watch an award winning documentary or check out the displays happening in towns all over England! (Image from Museum of Bath at Work, Somerset)


  • Manchester Made: Hear the voices of the people who helped shape Manchester’s garment industry – from working on haute couture to high street favourites. (Stitched Up in partnership with Historic England, Greater Manchester)
  • Dressed to Impress: Explore the birthplace of ‘The Father of Haute Couture’ Charles Worth, follow his journey from rural Lincolnshire to Paris and how he ended up dressing the likes of European royalty! (Heritage Trust of Lincolnshire)

Fashion on the Homefront

Ramsgate Tunnels (Kent)

Discover how wartime clothing controls led to Ramsgate residents embracing the make do and mend mentality by getting creative with their clothes – from swap shops and classes to knitting circles - even when resources are limited, we find ways to be creative. (© Delia Bonugli)


  • Remembering Repton: Join this guided walk around Gotts Park Mansion (now a Golf course clubhouse) nestled in stunning parkland designed by landscaping legend, Humphry Repton. Discover the legacy of Repton’s work including his work for Benjamin Gott, a leading figure in the Industrial Revolution. (Leeds Civic Trust, West Yorkshire)
  • Garden Rooms: Go on a journey around the world at these Victorian gardens inspired by many worldwide wonders – from a Chinese garden to an Egyptian Sphynx and yew pyramid! (National Trust, Staffordshire)

Sustainability in Surrey

The Farnham Society & Farnham Town Council (Surrey)

Uncover the world of garden design with a talk by the Chair of the Surrey Gardens Trust. Celebrate Surrey’s rich garden heritage and how they are focusing on sustainability to preserve these beautiful landscapes for future generations. (Image from Surrey Gardens Trust)


  • Writers around Exeter: Take a special walk around this UNESCO City of Literature to explore the people and places of literary fame. As the first trial of a new tour it is also a chance to shape future wanderings! (Exeter City Council, Devon)
  • Voices at times of crisis: From the  poetry of WWI to pieces from the Pandemic, explore how words, and the act of writing has provided a release in times of trouble. (Chelmsford Civic Society, Essex)
  • Cranston’s Library: Tiny, but mighty, check out this little gem that was possibly the first public lending library in England. (The Cranston Library, Surrey)

For the writers and readers!

Explore amazing old libraries like this one, and the lives (and homes) of great writers this September. (© Hawkshead Grammar School Museum)


  • Bells and Song: The beautiful sound of bells and choirs has rung out across England for centuries. Hear it here and learn about these artforms from local leaders. (Eckington Town Team, Sheffield)
  • House of Music: Explore the home (and studio) of one of our greatest composers and the talented singer he shared his life and work with. (Britten Pears Arts, Suffolk)
  • Hip Hop Heritage: Delve into the sound of the underground with this interactive event exploring fifty years of Hip Hop in St Helens. (Powered by Hip Hop - UC Crew, Merseyside)

Ring out the bells!

The art of bellringing goes back a long way. Search for a church near you to have a go! (© Derek C Johnstone, Dewsbury Minster)


  • Music Hall Tales: Take a walk along the ‘Shaftesbury Avenue of Sheffield’ and hear tales of the music halls, circuses, and singing rooms that were once found here. (Sheffield Walking Festival, South Yorkshire)
  • Passing Through: Discover the stories people who ‘passed through’, maybe looking for work or as part of the circus. Were any of them your ancestors? Explore the stories and pass on your own. (Romany and Traveller Family History Society, Devon)
  • Backstage Tours: See behind the scenes of Britain’s oldest working theatre. (King’s Lynn Civic Society, Norfolk)

Roll up! Roll up!

Go backstage at theatres across the country & discover the ones we've lost along the way with walks and talks.


  • Picture Palaces: From magic lanterns to Marvel films, explore the local history of going to the ‘flicks’ in Tewkesbury. (Tewkesbury Museum, Gloucestershire)
  • Astounding Invention: In the 19th century people were astounded by a little invention called a Zoetrope -  the first examples of moving pictures. Make your own at this family activity. (Whitchurch Museum & Archives, Shropshire)

PLEASE NOTE - These events were accurate at the time of publication but the details may change. Some events require pre-booking. Please check the individual entries for updates and details.

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