20 Jun 2024
by Heritage Open Days

Liam’s changing tastes

The M&S archive are opening up their Strong Room and I'll be first in line! The way we shop for food and clothing is an often-overlooked part of everyday heritage, but it's an area that has seen rapid change and expansion over the past 150 years and offers a unique window into contemporary history. A rare chance to go behind the scenes and see how trends and tastes have evolved and even try on fashions from the past sounds like a blast. (Image: M&S Archive)

Behind the Scenes, M&S Archive (West Yorkshire)

Jade’s astounding tour

Medicine and mystery is certainly an eye-catching mix and while there’s so many wonderful events this year, this one really stood out to me as the event description only adds to the intrigue (very nice to see a link to our 2022 theme 'Astounding Inventions' too!) From Florence Nightingale and ghosts to Turkish baths and the first ever kidney dialysis machine, this tour covers quite the range of fascinating topics. I also love the idea of seeing the landmarks of the city from a new perspective with a focus on medicine, care, and public health.

Alex’s stamp of approval

Going behind the scenes and getting hands-on are my favourite type of Heritage Open Days events… so I’ll be going straight to St Swithun’s this September as they’re offering both! Highlights include a ‘hidden highlights’ tour revealing the graffiti, memorials and plaques uncovered during their recently completed renovations, and an opportunity to ‘make your mark’ on St Swithun’s history by carving your own linocut stamp and adding to their HODs banner. (Image: CCT)

Make your Mark, CCT (Worcestershire )

Sarah’s ticket to ride

I have a soft spot for railway history thanks to my dad so it was brilliant to chat to two organisers with railway links at a recent workshop. This event is one of theirs and it sounds terrific! You can take a guided walk to see the ‘impressive Alston Arches’ and find out about the inventor of the all important railway ticket. Oh, and if railways aren’t your thing? Check out the exhibition on local working dog breeds and have a cuppa in the café in the newly refurbished Water Tower!

Charlotte's sneak peeks

My favourite part of Heritage Open Days is getting to be nosy and discovering what happens behind the scenes, so a visit to Oxburgh Estate is my top pick. Alongside the opportunity to wander the halls of this stunning 15th century house or relax in the tranquil gardens, you can get up close to curious objects or peek inside cabinets which are usually kept shut! For a special treat, they are also unlocking the doors to the gatehouse roof, pre-bookable on the day, so you can enjoy the stunning views across King’s Lynn. (Image: National Trust Images / Trevor Ray Hart)

Oxburgh Estate, National Trust (Norfolk)

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