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Get ready to celebrate! (2019)

Break out the bubbly, it’s our SILVER anniversary! That’s two and a half decades of millions of people coming together to celebrate the places and share the stories that matter to them.

Over the years, thousands upon thousands of you all over the country have thrown open doors, baked cakes, given talks, poured cups of tea, led walks, and so much more.  This makes Heritage Open Days the perfect example of 'People Power' - individuals and communities working together to bring about positive change.  This anniversary belongs to everyone who has ever organised, co-ordinated, volunteered or visited - together let's make it a festival to remember.

Raise a glass (or a mug!) with us

Will there be a party?  Of course, and not just one.  How many parties is up to you!  We'll be holding a bash in London, and inviting as many of our organisers and co-ordinators as we can fit in!  But we'll also be encouraging HODs supporters across the country to get together and celebrate - whether with tea and cake, bubbles and canapes or your local ale and speciality cheese. In the weeks to come we'll be launching a 'Party Pack', giving you all the ingredients for a sparkling occasion to celebrate your HODs, with your community, in your style.

Take a trip down memory lane

We'd love to hear what you've discovered and what HODs has meant to you over the last 25 years.


  • The best place you’ve visited?
  • Your favourite family moment?
  • The most interesting / surprising / funniest story you’ve learnt?
  • The difference it has made to you / your community? 

Add your memories to the map by sending them to us (including pictures!) on this form or emailing sarah.holloway@heritageopendays.org.uk