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Guided walk of the former Norfolk County Asylum

St Andrews Park, Yarmouth Road, Thorpe St Andrew, Norwich, Norfolk

A guided walk that will focus on the period from 1861 when Dr Hills was appointed as the Superintendent of the Thorpe Asylum through to the Great War when the Asylum was turned into a War Hospital. We will be visiting the North and South sides

Much of the former Norfolk County Asylum at Thorpe St Andrew has been converted to housing but retains many of its original features. It was built on two separate sites, divided by the Yarmouth Road, and the north side is now derelict. The walk will take in both parts of the site, crossing from one to the other via a bridge over Yarmouth Road. People who come on the walk will hear about the history of the asylum and a number of case studies.

This event took place in September 2023 and the entry is now archived.

Organised by

Thorpe History Group

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