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Discover Real Tennis - 700 years of history and still being played

Moreton Morrell Tennis Court Club, Moreton Morrell, Warwick, Warwickshire, CV35 9AL

Visit this historic real tennis court built in 1905 to see the game that has been played for over 700 years. This is the father of lawn tennis, squash and padel. It is a dynamic game with novel ways to outfox your opponent.

Moreton Morrell real tennis court was built in 1905 for wealthy American Charles Garland as part of Moreton Hall (now part of Warwickshire College Group) whose entrance gates face those of the Court. The building is still largely in original form and continues to be regarded as one of the best playing real tennis courts in the world. No expense was spared externally or internally and “The Field” in 1913 described the building as being ahead of any other in the country in luxury of appointment.

Charles Tuller Garland came from one of the wealthiest families of 19th Century New York. His father was Vice-President of the First National Bank of New York and had directorships in cotton, oil, railway and coal companies. He married Margaret Williams of nearby Barford in 1903 and immersed himself in local country life and sports activities. At the turn of the century real tennis had seen a revival and so Garland built his own court. After his death in 1921, the court has passed through various hands and was kept going by a small group of enthusiasts. Since the ‘70s it has grown into a flourishing club and is now a registered charity.

The club has two professionals who run the tennis activities, arrange games for members, teach the game, and umpire important matches. The club hosts regular matches against other clubs and is a favourite destination for touring players. A welcoming atmosphere provided by the club professionals and members is well known in real tennis circles.

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Moreton Morrell Tennis Court Club

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