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St Andrew’s Church, Kingsbury - Old and New

St. Andrews Church, 28 Old Church Lane, London, Greater London, NW9 8RZ

St Andrew's (New Church), Kingsbury, will be open 10am-4pm for exploring. Visit this special Grade II* church, and learn why it was once considered 'the biggest jigsaw in the world'. One-off talks and tours available throughout the day.

St Andrew's (New Church) first opened its doors in 1847, but that wasn't on this site in South Kingsbury. In fact for the first half of its life, St Andrew's was situated in Central London (Wells Street, Marylebone) where it was one of London's most fashionable churches. In the 1930's it underwent an exceptional move to its current location joining the existing medieval parish church, coincidentally also called St Andrew's.

St Andrew's (New Church) is one of the finest parish churches of the Victorian era. It is registered as Grade II* due to the wealth of surviving interior decoration, fixtures and fittings from a suite of renowned victorian designers (Pugin, Butterfield, Pearson, Street, Clayton & Bell), as well as the extraordinary story of its relocation.

St Andrew's (Old Church) is thought to be Brent's oldest building, dating from the 12th century but incorporating reused Roman tiles and masonry. The churchyard contains a large number of burials marked by gravestones and chest tombs, predominantly of the 18th and 19th centuries.

For nearly 100 years now, these two St Andrew's have remained side by side, serving the local communities.


Drop in and explore: 10am-4pm
Talk & Tour: Old St Andrew's - History and Survival: 10.20-11.00
Talk & Tour: St Andrew's Cemetery - History and Habitat: 11.20-12.00
Talk: New St Andrew's - History, Interiors and Significance: 13.20-14.00
Talk: New St Andrew's - Famous, Fashionable, and Reforming: 14.20-15.00

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