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St Thomas on the Bourne

St Thomas on the Bourne, Frensham Road, Farnham, Surrey, GU9 8HA

St Thomas was built before and after the First World War replacing an older church a short distance away in Vicarage Hill. A large new church hall and reception area has recently been added. The Bourne Old Churchyard still remains on the old site, with a lych gate and some interesting monuments.

There is much fine stained glass in the church, and in 1985 students from the art college competed to make and design a set of seven creation windows, in the frontage of the church rooms. Tea and coffee will be available.

The rooms will be open from 1100 to 1300, the church itself open from 0900 to 1400.

This event took place in September 2016 and the entry is now archived.



Organised by

The Farnham Society & Farnham Town Council

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