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Victoria Garden

Brightwells Road, off South Street, Farnham, Surrey

A charming little flower-filled oasis with works of art and craft. It is run and funded by volunteers, and was created in 1997 to mark the centenary of the opening in 1897 of Farnham’s first open-air swimming bath commemorating Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee. The impressive brick entrance archway is by Farnham architect Harold Falkner. Note the original arts and crafts lettering over the windows, and the modern oak panel also with arts and crafts lettering under the arch recording the opening of the garden in 1997.

Art and craft features: inside the garden, look for the bronze statue by sculptor Jane Jones of a little shivering boy standing at the edge of the swimming bath; the mosaic hopscotch pitch; and ceramic wall plaque also by Jane Jones, marking two Diamond Jubilees, those of Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth II. The garden also features a lifesize chessboard and a box maze for children.

The garden is open daily during daylight hours.

This event took place in September 2016 and the entry is now archived.



Organised by

The Farnham Society & Farnham Town Council

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