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Two Inches of Ivory

Fire & Iron Gallery, Rowhurst Forge, Oxshott Road, Leatherhead, Surrey, KT22 0EN

Lucy Quinnell opens the doors of Grade II* Listed 'Rowhurst' in Leatherhead, exploring its enigmatic history, its historic links to India and a collection of miniature paintings by her Anglo-Indian great-grandfather.

'Rowhurst' is an intriguing private house with sections dating to pre-1346, 1346 and 1632.

This is a chance to see the house itself, and within the house to witness 'creativity unwrapped' as Lucy Quinnell opens a box of intriguing miniature paintings - never before exhibited, and painted by her great-grandfather who was a founder member of the Royal Society of Miniature Painters in 1896. The house is usually the curiosity, and here it is also the cabinet containing smaller curiosities.

Cecil Watson Quinnell was born in Meerut, India, in 1868, and he emigrated to England when he was 18. He was Anglo-Indian - a product of the Honourable East India Company.

Building on Lucy's work in 2022 to re-connect modern Leatherhead to its strong Regency story, further exploration of the theme of India's shaping of Mole Valley will be revealed. Heritage Open Days 2022 was a huge success at Rowhurst, with invited guest artist Cathy Brett investigating Jane Austen's Leatherhead with Lucy, and the unexpected joy of three young people creating international music. Cathy will be back this year with new creative input.

Adjacent Fire & Iron Gallery will be open throughout, with Lucy and her colleagues' artistic ironwork portfolios highlighted, and there will be opportunities to see live blacksmithing in the Rowhurst Forge workshop, which is normally closed to the public.

This event took place in September 2023 and the entry is now archived.

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Lucy Quinnell

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