Unsung Stories

Building on the success of our inaugural programme of commissions in 2017, we are once again working with artists and local organisers across England to explore under-represented histories, stories and heritage. In 2018, we will be foregrounding women’s history and heritage (to mark the centenary of the Representation of the People Act and 90 years since Equal Franchise), surfacing and sharing unknown or misunderstood female stories.

Made possible by additional funding from players of People's Postcode Lottery, Unsung Stories commissions artists to work with local organisers, bringing to life stories - both individual and collective - that have not been shared before. Each year, the Unsung Stories project reflects a major cultural anniversary or issue. 

  • put her forward (2018) - This year the centenary of the Women's Suffrage Act brings women's history to the fore. Interactive theatre-makers, non zero one will be working with organisers across England to highlight the stories of extrordinary women today.
  • Unsung stories 2017 - The fiftieth anniversary of the Sexual Offences Act provided a focus for LGBTQ history for our inaugual commission, which focused on four specific stories.

This work reflects HODs's belief that history belongs to all of us. Sharing stories, all our stories, is at the core of Heritage Open Days and these events extend the range and scope of our work in exciting and innovative ways.