The Turing Trial: Regina v Turing and Murray

Re-Dock in collaboration with SHIFT (Cheshire East Council) & The Courthouse Hotel. Supported by the Knutsford Promenade Association

2017 marks the 65th anniversary of the trial of Alan Turing, mathematician, code breaker and pioneer in computer science. Found guilty of gross indecency in 1952, this new theatrical and immersive work from RE-DOCK (working with the local community and LGBTQ artists across Greater Manchester) will offer visitors the chance to experience the trial in the town where it originally took place. The play will combine a traditional theatrical setting with virtual reality opportunities, enabling visitors to explore different viewpoints of the trial and Turing’s work.

What's on

Performances: An immersive theatrical performance offers a fresh interpretation of Alan Turing’s trial and will take place in the court room where it originally took place (now The Courthouse Hotel).  Booking required via: 

Exhibition & VR: Participants can explore different viewpoints of the trial and of Turing’s work through an exhibition with virtual reality opportunities.

Family friendly workshops: Two drop-in workshops exploring Alan Turing's binary code through knitting (no experience necessary!) will be led by Sam Meech, co-director of Re-Dock. Sam has worked for many organisations including The National Film Board of Canada, Royal Opera House, FACT and Whitworth Art Gallery. (Duration 45 mins)

Talk: Join a panel of arts and heritage specialists for a behind the scenes look at the processes and challenges in making contemporary art in some special heritage places. 


  • Thursday 7th September: Exhibition & VR 1000-1700
  • Friday 8 September: Exhibition & VR 1000-1500; Performance 1900
  • Saturday 9th September: Exhibition & VR 1000-1700; Performance 1400 & 1900
  • Sunday 10th September: Workshop 1130 & 1330; Exhibition & VR 1000-1700; Talk 1530

Location: All events to be held at The Courthouse Hotel, Knutsford

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