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British Vintage Wireless and Television Museum

Rear of, 23 Rosendale Road, London, Greater London, SE21 8DS

Celebrate Britain's electronics industry. Join a tour to explore our vast collection of radio and television receivers and historic recordings through which we learn of the contributions the industry has made to UK society.

The British Vintage Wireless and Television Museum was established as a private collection by its founder Gerry Wells in 1976. Through its objects, a visitor can track the development of the British radio and television industry, from the pioneering days of the early experimental radio broadcasts, received by enthusiasts, to the establishment of the BBC radio and television services. On display are some of the very rarest radios and television receivers from the pre-war era and many examples of sets that contributed to the expansion of radio and the post-war boom in television.
Working objects can play historic broadcasts evocatively recreating a sense of history. Our expert guides will describe the development of the industry through its objects. Social, technical and historical aspects of the medium can be explored. Our tour guides have wide and varied knowledge. Many of our objects have unique stories, either through their previous owners or even more recently appearing in period dramas. The tour although structured will be flexible and try and cater for all the visitors' interests. There will be some new extremely rare acquisitions on public display for the first time. We hope your visit will give you an appreciation of the vast achievement of the pioneers and the industrialists who led to this vast and fast-developing industry that touches all our lives.

Refreshments are available and there will be time to informally explore the Museum

This event took place in September 2023 and the entry is now archived.

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