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Maya Chocolate Demonstration with The Chocolate Museum

Melange, 2 Maxted Road, London, Greater London, SE15 4LL

Join us for an exciting experience where you’ll explore the world of the ancient Maya and their love of chocolate. Take part in a hands-on demonstration of how the Maya prepared their special cocoa drink, and get a chance to taste it yourself!

In this immersive demonstration, you will learn about the Maya and how they made their hot cocoa drink. Experience how the food of the gods was prepared through a guided demonstration. Delight your senses with the feel of cocoa pods, the aroma of cocoa beans, the taste of raw cocoa nibs and the all-round robust pleasures of sipping a Maya-style hot chocolate.

You will also discover the delicious spices that were added to their drink and experiment with flavouring your own hot chocolate. To complete the experience, you’ll observe some exquisite Maya drinking vessels, inspiring you to decorate your own cup for an enhanced hot chocolate experience.

This event took place in September 2023 and the entry is now archived.

Organised by

The Chocolate Museum

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